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12th-Aug-2013 07:46 pm - Stiles & Lydia [Teen Wolf] Wallpaper
stiles & lydia
Recently, I got photoshop again after a one year hiatus. I'm a little rusty, so I've been trying to re-familiarize myself with the software. This Stiles and Lydia wallpaper is my first big project in over a year. I mainly designed it with the intention of being my person wallpaper, but I changed my mind. Therefore, I don't have many resolutions available for this one, guys. Sorry. If this wallpaper goes over well, I will start working on some more.

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11th-Aug-2013 06:29 pm - the tide is changing... for now
stiles & lydia
Before I went on an LJ hiatus, I was talking a lot about my job woes. I've been looking for two years. I've had interviews, and nothing has been panning out. People say I'm not trying hard enough, but I share a vehicle, and I have a short range that I can travel to get to said job. It's been a pretty miserable experience. I can't seem to get my foot in the door.

Well, I finally have a job. It's not permanent, but it's decent pay. It's only going to last a month tops. But I can't express how excited I am that someone gave me a chance. I didn't even apply for this job. I was recommended for it, and the owners (who I've known my whole life) agreed that I was a good fit. I can't express how grateful I am to the person that recommended me in the first place. So, at least someone in the world was willing to give me a chance. My next task is finding something more permanent. I would like to go back to school, but financially I can't afford to make that leap right now.

I'm determined, so we'll see. 
10th-Jul-2013 12:05 am - Long Time, No See
I've been absent for the greater part of a year. Sorry, guys.

I have nothing new or glamorous to share, but I hope to transition back into fandom life smoothly.

I am currently in love with The Vampire Diaries (of course), Teen Wolf, Copper, and Under the Dome. I'm sure I'm missing a few shows, but those are the select few that I can't seem to get out of my head. Expect many posts and maybe some graphics and other fun things to surface. I'm ready to dive back in. :)
stiles & lydia
To put it lightly, things have been very complicated. I won't bore any of you with the details, but I'm back. I didn't intend to be away for so long, but I needed the break from journaling. That said, I've missed a lot. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what's new, how you're doing, and anything else. I have every intention of reading through the last few pages of my friends page, so here's to hoping that I'll get back into the swing of things easily enough. :)

Also, no good news on the job front. I've been turning in applications, constantly. I've had really promising interviews... and nothing. I would have to say my self-esteem is at an all-time low because I'm so lost. I've been trying to get a job since February. It's just getting worse. At this rate, I may have to go to school for nursing because it is honestly the only job around here that is constantly in high demand. Hmm, but I'll get into this at another time.

Tell me about you!
16th-Jul-2012 09:15 pm - i'm alive!
stiles & lydia
My life has been on a constant loop of crazy. A lot is going on. My adoring older cousin has been in jail since the end of May, and I am constantly crying because I miss him and hate what he's going through. No one will believe what he says, and without proof or evidence, he's in a pretty awful place right now. And my heart continues to break for him. 

I am in a no-nonsense mood. TVD fandom drama is slowly driving me over the edge, so I apologize in advance for my total lack of enthusiasm right now. I've had to unfollow so many people on twitter these days. And these were people I adored. I just couldn't take their constant need to spotlight their negativity and shit on everyone who still enjoys the show. Yes, I love TVD. Yes, I am stoked for season 4. Yes, I still love and adore all of my LJ friends that are still watching the show.

Some real life good news. I applied for a job at Michaels. The next day, I got a call back to set up an interview. That upcoming Tuesday, I had an interview that went really, really well. They kept asking me all kinds of questions, and based upon their enthusiastic reactions, I think they see me as a good fit with the company. They had to do a background check but I will know for sure on Friday the fate of the job. *crosses fingers*
6th-Jun-2012 11:51 am - I think I need a break
stiles & lydia
Let's just say that my home situation got as bad as it possibly could last night. I thought my grandmother was going to kill my grandfather. She was running, screaming, throwing things, and she was threatening him in this "evil-sounding" voice. Ever watch those ghost documentary shows where a possessed person talks in a demonic, non-human voice? Yeah, hers was a lot like that. I don't know how to describe it except that it brought on a serious case of anxiety and then a panic attack for me. I laid in bed shaking for hours.

I'm so upset and sick and nursing a pulsing migraine. And these situations are occurring more frequently--almost every couple of days now.

I've hit a dead end.
29th-May-2012 09:29 pm - What Even?
stiles & lydia
Excuse me for my language but...

what a fucked up day!

I just want to cry and pretend this horrible thing has never happened to the sweetest, most loving guy I know. I can't give out details. I really can't. But just know that I'm heartbroken for what this person is going through right now. For those of you who would, my family could really use as many prayers as possible.
22nd-May-2012 06:44 pm - the final straw
stiles & lydia
My grandmother went bat shit crazy today -- as in she was throwing stuff at all of us and threatening us and saying very nasty things. Since August, I've noticed that the good parts of my grandmother have been slipping away, and at this point, I don't even recognize who this person is. I think I'm to the stage where the next time she endangers my life in any way, shape, or form, I am calling the cops. As much as I love her, I feel like my life is in serious danger every moment that I'm around her. And if I have to make this tough decision, I will make it. Even if she kicks me out of this house and I have nowhere to go, I have to do something.
14th-May-2012 08:13 pm - tvd: "the departed" part two
stiles & lydia
Continuing onward, here is part two of my thoughts on The Vampire Diaries third season finale.

If you haven't, you can read part one here.

the departed "3x22" part twoCollapse )
14th-May-2012 04:20 pm - another meltdown?
stiles & lydia

Guys, this post is mainly for my record keeping and documentation, but you can still feel free to read and/or comment if you want.

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